Pattaya golf courses

Pattana Golf Club

Patana is always game day.
With 27 challenging holes, Pattana is an ideal training ground for experienced golfers and recreational golfers alike. Undulating fairways, panoramic views, changing wind conditions, fast greens and a signature par 6 are just some of the hurdles to overcome.

The mountainous backdrop, elevated greens, deep bunkers and grassy knolls create a visually appealing yet challenging course for players of all skill levels. Pattana's abundant water resources require careful placement off the tee and approach shots. A 30-lane driving range and putting green let you practice your shots before hitting the game.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, Pattana has a complete learning center for everyone. open early
and close late; you can sneak over to practice at sunrise before anyone else wakes up to see you, or you can drop by at night when we're usually golf lovers and meeting new people, with your Caddy chat, grab a beer or enjoy a meal while keeping your game sharp. Ask about classes that will improve your score and spice up your next round.

Our practice facilities currently have; short game grass tees, 30 hitting greens with hitting pads, chipping areas, well maintained bunkers and putting greens at golf course speed.

"We have the ideal golf course - 27 holes! This means variety and always guarantees a unique 18-hole experience. Optional configurations mean you can always have a new start and end, making every visit Feel fresh and excited when you are Pattana.

We even have (2) par 6 holes which is very rare and most importantly: fun and memorable on your scorecard!

Also uncommon in the Pattaya area is the fact that our mountain views offer a backdrop of large lakes
While challenging, there is also cool and fresh air, which feels good. Our design may not have a big name, but it has
Known for its undulating fairways, sloping greens, strategically positioned bunkers and
Mature, tree-lined fairways. Pattana is an experience to be fondly remembered.


Pattana is more than a complete golf resort with luxurious clubhouse facilities; large changing rooms with showers, a professionally stocked retail store offering the latest in golf fashion and brands. In addition to the usual food and drink offerings, we also have 4 unique restaurants that you won't find at any other golf course in Thailand! Pattana is a tourist destination.

If you want to live and play, we have hotels, villas and long-term rental apartments for rent, allowing you to rest and learn golf, play golf, train, rest and relax after traveling.

Pattana offers a variety of meeting rooms and conference centers to meet the needs of the many corporate clients in the region. World-class golf courses and sports venues are the perfect venue for a MICE business or client networking day. Pattana is also a favorite of long-term visitors from northern climates in winter. It's all part of the Pattana Golf Experience.



There's no better way to bring your top clients and management together than with a day of golf. Pattana Sports Resort is known for being an excellent venue for golf events. Our 27-hole layout can accommodate up to 200 golfers, and our large function room can host a grand awards show.

Pattana hosts many adult and junior golf events throughout the year. Our most popular event is quite unique - the Pattana Golf Challenge, which consists of a series of five events where six lucky winners will be selected to travel to another world-class golf and tourism destination to experience what they have created Golf, scenery and memories to be cherished forever.


Tee Time Bookings at Pattana Golf Club

If you are considering a round of golf here then we can help you to book a tee time at Pattana Golf Club and Thailandgolftour have excellent discounted green fees which can be booked and confirmed online. Click here.