Hua Hin Tours

Damnoen Saduak + Sampran Riverside

07:00 hrs Meet your English-speaking guide in the hotel’s lobby. Depart for Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Your journey commences with a leisurely drive through rice paddies and salt fields.
08:30 hrs The tour continues with a 30 minutes speedboat trip along fruit plantation to see Thai houses and the traditional way of life.
09:00 hrs Arrive Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Here you will be fascinated by boats of various shapes and sizes used by local merchants to ferry their goods. Your are able to hire small boat board along the market for shopping local products. [small boat is not included]
10:45 hrs Depart floating market.
11:00 hrs Option 1 : Visit Wood Carving Factory. Option 2 : Visit Maeklong Railway Market (Talad Rom Hub). It is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand, and is centred around the track of the Maeklong Railway. When trains approach, the awnings and shopfronts are moved back from the rails, and then replaced once the train has passed.
12:00 hrs hrs Buffet lunch at Sampran Riverside
13:30 hrs Visit Sampran Riverside (formerly Rose Garden) - Thai Village & Cultural Show
The Thai Village provides a natural and perfect backdrop for the Thai Village Cultural Show. Visitors and guests are presented with a rare opportunity to witness and experience Thai ways in a natural setting. For nature lovers, you are free at leisure to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens admiring the impressive diversity of native tropical flora and fauna.

Enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience of the world-renowned Thai Village Cultural Show, featuring an impressive cast of 150 performers, portrays captivating scenes of everyday life in rural Thailand and 'Thai ways' and offers a vivid introduction to: Thai living, the 'cycle of life', time-honoured customs and traditions in an agricultural community in Thailand; the Thai passion for festive fun or ’sanuk' and Thai 'joie de vivre' - the celebration of a good life and good times, as expressed in the folk songs and dance of the four regions of Thailand.

16:00 hrs Depart from Sampran Riverside to Hua Hin.
18:00 hrs Arrive your hotel. ​ ​


Wilde Elephant Watching @ Kuiburi National Park

Kui Buri National Park is located next to one of the largest national parks of the country, Kaeng Krachan. Both parks are rich in flora and fauna and offer habitat to animals like the tiger, elephant, gaur, deer, porcupine, monkey, wild boar and an incredible number of bird species. Kui Buri is most famous for its wild elephant watching. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of deforestation around the park, which forces the elephants to move from the primary forest to secondary forest and plantation areas for feeding. The owners of the fruit plantations areas have tried many ways to chase away wild elephants and some have even been poisoned or killed. Fortunately, these days the local people have cooperated with the park rangers in monitoring the wild elephants and to take them back to the forest without harming them. In this way, the local people can benefit from tourism and the elephants have a chance to survive in this park.


13:00 hrs Meet your English speaking Guide at hotel lobby.We start in the afternoon and drive south of Hua Hin about 1.30 hrs. to “Kuiburi National Park”, then continue to the park by changing to Ranger car. On the way park ranger will give you information about ecosystem and elephant behavior. We will stop at the pineapple plantation.  Afterward, we will take you to the elephant monitoring area where elephants will come to feed and swim in the afternoon, we          might see some other wild animal as well such as Gaur, Oriental Pied hornbill. Dinner will be served at the local restaurant. Then return back to hotel.  Please bring a binocular with you so that we can see the elephants clearly when they come to feed at the forest edge in the afternoon.
18:00 hrs Transfer back to hotel.



Hua Hin & Cha-Am Surrounding ​


09:00 hrs We drive south to see The Maruka Thai Yawan Palace (Place of love & hope ). Designed by King Rama VI, and completed in 1924. Spend time walking around the beautiful Teakwood Palace, now restored to its former glory. Then visit Hua Hin Railway Station, built in the reign of King Rama VI, the station is one of Thailand’s oldest railway stations. In addition, it is one of the country’s most beautiful train stations with unique architecture. Its most striking feature is the splendid Royal Waiting Room constructed in the Thai architectural style. The room was relocated from Sanam Chan Palace in Nakhon Pathom Province during the reign of King Rama VI. Continue to visit Khao Takiab Vantage Point. This hill is situated at the southern end of Hua Hin, only 4 kilometers from the town. Visitors can go up the hilltop to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Hua Hin, which is one of the delightful views either during the day or night. There is a temple call Wat Khao Takiap situated on top of the hill. The giant golden Buddha Statue standing against the cliff has become a landmark of Khao Takiap.
12:00 hrs Transfer back to hotel.

Remark: Maruka Thai Yawan (Palace of love & hope) are close on Wednesday. Visitors are requested to be dressed properly and appropriately upon entering the ground of palace. Please do not wear shorts, sandals or no-sleeves.



Koh Talu Island Snorkeling & Diving ​ ​

WEATHER Koh Talu Island and nearby area are located on the west of Thai Gulf and influenced by the seasonal monsoon. The windward side of the island is the east, and the leeward side is the west.
January - February : it is influenced by the Northeast Wind (Tapao Wind and Pattaya Wind). Waves come from the Northeast.
March - April : it is influenced by Southeast Wind (Afternoon Wind). Waves come from Southeast. Windward side is in the East, and some Northern Parts are located behind the island (East and North). So the front of the island has no effect.
May - June : it is influenced by Southwest Monsoon (Slatan Wind). Waves come from the South but not severely. The windward side is the South of the island.
July - August : it is influenced by West Wind (Serng Wind). Waves come from the West. The windward side is in the West (the front of the island), but not severely since the wind current is lessened by Tanaosri Mountains along the shore, and the island is not far from the shore.
September - October : it is influenced by Northeast Wind (Uga Wind). Waves come from the Northeast, heavy rainfall. The windward side is the North.
November - December : it is influenced by North Wind (Kite Wind). Waves come from the North and there is the strongest wind gust in this period. The windward side is the North and East, especially in the period of end October to December. There may be strong wind and big waves some days.


07:00 hrs Departure from Hua Hin to Bangsaphan Pier by V.I.P. transport. Bang Saphan is a sleepy a sleepy beach town on the Gulf of Thailand, it can be reached from Hua Hin, 200 km away, in approximately 2 hours by road. There are actually two Bangsaphan’s; Bangsaphan Noi and Bangsaphan Yai (meaning big and small when translated from Thai). We will focus on the larger since not a lot happens in the smaller.

09:00 hrs Our journey continues on the Western Gulf with a 15 - 20 minutes Boat trip to Talu Island. The island is renowned for its sparkling clear waters and abundant coral reefs. A great place for diving, fishing and relaxing far from the crowds.

10:00 hrs Start your underwater life up close with our trainer and guiding you to an easy dive. Observe underwater of pristine restored coral and much more attraction locations around the island.

12:30 hrs Lunch with new exciting menus.

13:30 hrs Relax or enjoy with beach activities.

14:30 hrs Prepare to leave Koh Talu (pack your memories & photographs)

15:00 hrs Coffee break before departure to Hua Hin. 17:30 hrs Arrival at Hua Hin